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Renault Mégane Real Views x
Renault Mégane Real Views, 2015

For the launch of the new Renault Mégane, Publicis Brussels asked me to work with them on an ambitious plan. Instead of counting views on a YouTube ad, they wanted to record and broadcast the amount of views the new Mégane would get in the real world.

To achieve this, we equipped the car with 6 cameras and developed custom software that could detect people looking at the car in real-time. The photos of people's detected reactions were uploaded automatically to a website that tracked the amount of "real views" the new car got on the streets in Belgium. In the back window of the car, we mounted a big LED display that always showed the current amount of views from passers-by.

Our system also tracked the GPS location of the car and displayed it live on the website so that car enthusiasts could hunt down the new Mégane and get a glimpse of it in the real world.



Technical Details:
Software built in C++ with Open Frameworks.
Face detection built with DLib machine learning library.
GPS tracking and driver for LED Display running on Arduino.
Web development by Everything is Fun